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Waste Management


Changes to the regulations.

The Environment Agency has ruled that clinical waste (tissue, bodily fluids, pharmaceutical products and anything contaminated with the same which may cause infection to anyone coming into contact with it) may no longer be classified as offensive on the basis of clinical judgement.

This means that all such waste will have to go in yellow bags for incineration.


Paperwork required:

Pre-Acceptance Audit

Practice Policy on Waste Management


Risk Assessment

Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes

Waste Transfer Note(s)

Required for each collection

May be charged for by Waste Disposal Company

Practice may produce their own!

Available free at

Interpretation of the regulations seems to shift regularly, I will post changes if and when I learn of them. The BDA is preparing a new advice sheet which should be available soon.

European Waste Codes:


Code Description
09 01 03 Solvent based developer solutions
09 01 04 Fixer solutions
15 01 10 Heavy metal contamination
18 01 01 Sharps
18 01 02 Body parts
18 01 03 Clinical waste
18 01 04 Offensive waste
18 01 08 Cytotoxic/statics
18 01 09 Other medicines
18 01 10 Mercury contamination



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